Lavakumar Kuppan
Founder - Ironwasp Information Security Solutions Pvt Ltd

Lavakumar Kuppan is the CTO of Ironwasp Information Security Solutions Pvt Ltd, a product based security startup. He is also the founder of the open source IronWASP Project. IronWASP is one of the world's best web security scanners and is Asia's largest open source security project. He is a well-known security researcher who has discovered new attacks and vulnerabilities in HTML5 and other browser technologies. He is also a frequent speaker at Security conferences and has authored several security tools. The web security scanning technology developed by him won an innovation award from the Indian Department of Science & Technology and Lockheed Martin. He was also awarded the Black Shield Luminaire award for his work in the field of security.

Topic: Smart-box Penetration Testing

For decades penetration testing has been either black-box, white-box or grey-box. In all three cases the box itself has been dumb, here ‘box’ refers to the system being tested. What if the box could be smart, what if the target application that is being tested could give you exactly the information you need to find vulnerabilities and tell you where to look for issues. It sounds like science fiction but this is possible. This training will talk about the innovative new concept of smart-box penetration testing and train you to perform such assessments. Be prepared to drastically improve the effectiveness of your testing while simultaneously reducing the time and effort taken.