Boonlia Prince Komal
Digital Forensics Professional

1) Workshop on memory forensics with Ground zero summit at Delhi
2) Workshop on Network forensics with Hakon 2016
3) Talk on “Single case many learnings, How I solved a case with wiped off logs and other artifacts”
4) Editor in chief for India’s first Digital Forensics Magazine “Digital 4n6 Journal”
5) Editor in chief for “Hakon Journal”

Topic: "Steganography and steganalysis: A see-saw game"

The purpose of this session is to provide an insight into the memory operations in the windows operating system and enable the participant in digging the data structures in the memory dump, use them for incident response and malware analysis.
What is expected from the participant: The basic understanding of memory is required from the participants. He should know about basic concepts like Paging, Virtual memory space, and physical memory space, Basic x86 architecture, Memory protection, shared memory pages etc. Hands on experience with volatility will be an added advantage.