Vanshit Malhotra
Information Security Consultant

With a 5 + years of experience in various domains of Information Security, Vanshit Malhotra have been able to solve very complex security problems across many technologies and then teach and enable the clients to do the same. He has been speaker/trainer at various security conferences across India including HACKON , HACKTECH and conducted many cyber security training programs .

Currently Vanshit is Working as a Full time Penetration Tester with Aujas Networks and performs security assessments for Networks , Web Applications and Android applications . Over the years he has worked and gained expertise in various technical and business domains - Network Penetration Testing, Web Application Security Audit, Reverse Engineering, Infrastructure Configuration Security audit, Malware and Spam analysis , Cyber Crime Investigation. Vanshit has a rich experience in Information security and has keen interest in Network , Web and Wireless Penetration testing.

Topic: Antivirus Bypassing For Fun and Profit

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