Akshat Jain
Co-Founder, Cyware Labs

Akshat Jain is the Co-founder of Cyware Labs. He is a pure technocrat and considers technology as a panacea for societal issues.

With a master’s degree from the University of Hyderabad and thereafter an MBA from IIM Lucknow, Akshat has over 14 years of experience in leading product development, strategy, and technology.

He started his career at STMicroelectronics and thereafter played a leading role in prestigious organisations like Adobe and Oracle before co-founding Cyware Labs. At Adobe, he contributed to several core Adobe products like Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop elements and Adobe Framemaker and successfully filed several technology patents. After an illustrious career at Adobe, Akshat joined Oracle India as Director of Programs and was instrumental in driving cloud control release for Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Envisioning the changing cyber climate of India, Akshat co-founded Cyware Labs which has since then emerged as a leader in offering cyber situational awareness based solutions for tackling cyber threats. Since its inception, Cyware has been successful in inducing a cultural change in the realm of cyber security by bringing into play Human Intelligence over technology based platform and thereby changing the manner in which cyber threats are tackled by organisations and governments.

Akshat believes that cyber situational awareness will emerge as a game changer in mitigating cyber risk faced by governments, organisations and the common man in India.

Topic: Securing the Cyber Future of India through Situational Awareness and Information Sharing

· Current State of Cyber Security in India.
· Post Demonetisation change in Cyber Climate of India.
· Why Cyber Awareness is key to the success of Cyber Future of India.
· How Cyware is inculcating Cyber Awareness among organizations and Indian people in collaboration with Government of Telangana.
· How regional languages and mobile devices can play an important role in quick dissemination of Cyber Awareness among Indian public.
· Exploring the power of Human Intelligence and Information Sharing in safeguarding digital assets in organisations.